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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm alma bates. let's head outside. this is the sunny view from our emeryville camera where temperatures were eight degrees above zero. >> down town people got outside and enjoyed the sunny weather this holiday weekend. temperatures were still well above what we get normally this time of year. >> the fog was blanketing the coastline. that fog is what will continue to drop temperatures tomorrow. spencer christian is here with our ak cue weather forecast. >> the fog is back at the coast
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and it's pulling temperatures down. here's live doppler hd. we still have sunny skies over the bay and inland. here's the view looking at the fog rushing up against the coastline. it's currently 61, down from our high of 69. half moon bay is at 54. here's a view of the golden gate bridge, which of course has lots of fog. it's 72 in santa rosa. napa petaluma and livermore. and one more live view looking out over the bay where we're seeing blue skies looking in this direction. here's our first forecast. it will be foggy tonight at the coast and fog around the bay and locally inland as well. fog will linger. there will be low visibility in many locations, especially for early morning commuters. by afternoon tomorrow, look for most of the fog to have burned away except along some coastal
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areas. it will be cooler and highs will reach only into the upper 50s. i'll show you more of what's coming up later in the week in a few minutes. the the combination of warmer weather is packing people into marin county. >> we are live with the impact. hi, wayne. >> reporter: we have talked about this story before. muir beach residents have taken their concerns to the local board of supervisors. they've dialoged back and forth with the park service. muir woods is jam-packed, especially on a weekend like this, when admission is free. they didn't exactly pave paradise. no, the national park service built a wooden walkway through it. and on this day they didn't need a -- >> parking lot. >> reporter: no they needed something more.
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>> parking structure? >> reporter: it's not the first time we've followed the parking woes. they're well documented maybe not what john muir had in mind. he was all for walking and nature, but walking just to park? >> probably 2 miles. all the way down. >> reporter: almost to the ocean, and muir beach. >> how long have you been sitting here? >> probably half an hour. >> reporter: while he parks? >> while he parks. >> reporter: the national park service did not respond to calls today. they were not suffering silently. how do we balance this? >> i don't think there's been enough effort to put intel gent out that it. >> reporter: on days like this, they don't even go to mill valley normally a 12-minute drive. >> it would take an hour in and an hour out. >> reporter: so there's no going out for milk? >> no going out for anything. >> reporter: such is the pain of living next to a national treasure.
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a nice day like this but a bear to live there. well it is so warm and so dry that organizers have canceled the world cup ski and snowboard cross because of the lack of snow in the sierra. it was set to take place in early march at squaw vallie the ski resort's summit has been closed for most of the winter. right now they only have a 42-inch snow base, that is well below average. three olympic medalists were planning to attend. so this is a shame. another winter storm is headed to massachusetts and is expected to bring several inches of snow. a weekend storm practically buried the state. and boston has already been the snowiest february on record. the previous record was 41 inches. long-time residents are used to the snow but say this is different. >> there's nowhere to put it of the the streets are all backed
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up. >> this stretch is something we've never dealt with. the snow depth is something i've never seen. southern states are getting hit by their big storm of the year. in nashville, ice is frozen over the city. tens of thousands are currently without power. students who attend san francisco kids did not get the day off. >> no the day spent the day in class because the calendar pairs the lunar new year and the president's day holiday. >> many parents don't like it. >> on friday i have to be at work and there is no child care for me. >> it's kind of a bummer for me. i don't get a lot of day off. and so today was the one holiday that i thought my daughter would have off, and it would be a three-day weebd for both of us. but it was really a let down.
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>> another problem muni is on a holiday schedule today, so fewer buses are rung. >> the district sent out a row bow call to remind parents of this change. they won't face the same problem next lunar new year. a fire at an oakland school is being called suspicious. the early morning blaze gutted the cafeteria on claremont school. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: the fire got a big head start on firefighters. it was called in just before 2:00 in the morning. by then it had fully engulfed claremont's school and moved to the attic space. >> it was pretty tough work getting this fire out. >> reporter: once the fire was out, a door caught interest attention. it was open, and it looked like it had been forced open. >> someone didn't have a key.
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en they helped themselfves in by some other means. >> reporter: it looks suspicious? >> it's very unusual and is under investigation. >> reporter: school board member jodi london was distraught to hear that investigators were looking into the possibility that someone broke into the school. she surveyed the damage and said the fire destroyed the school's cafeteria and kitchen. >> we have a lot of kids at this school who come here and rely on the school to provide them with food. i think many have breakfast and lunch here. and that is unfair to them. >> reporter: today is a school holiday. so no one reported here today, but the school district does have to worry about what to do about tomorrow. >> i don't want people to jump to the conclusion that we won't have school because the fire was primarily located in the kitchen and cafeteria area.
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and there are other ways we could have school. >> reporter: short term solution would be to make brown bag lunches and have them shipped over there. long term solution would be to build a portable kitchen. sky 7 hd captured video of this black smoke near the oak lamd coliseum. it turns out it was a car on fire at burt and erny's. they made quick work of this. no word of any injuries or how the fire started. california citrus growers say a labor dispute is causing them millions of dollars each week. while usa today reports honda is planning to slow production at plants in ohio and indiana based to parts slowly arriving. sky 7 hd was over the port of
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oakland today. it's one of those in the middle of a holiday shutdown. the federal government is now getting involved in the ports contract dispute. labor secretary tom perez will be in california when the ports reopen tomorrow. he is scheduled to meet with both sides and press them to come to a deal. neither side is talking publicly about the negotiations. they are following a federal mediator's request on a gag order. a dispute about what to do with a struggling golf course is coming down to the wire. the family who owns it has a plan to sell it. but now a spall group is trying to stop the project mid swing. laura anthony is there live with the full story. laura? >> reporter: well, hi dan. the family that owns this property, this golf course, told us they've been trying to keep it going for as long as possible. but it's time to move on, sell it to a developer.
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a plan that was approved by the city council weeks ago. a plan that's been in the works for years. but now those citizens, some of them say hold on. it's a pretty nine-hole golf course nestled in the middle of a residential neighborhood in martinez, one with a long-time and loyal following. but now after 40 years of running the pine meadow golf course, the family that owns it says it's time to hang it up. >> economically i can't sustain it anymore. thank god i have a little bit of retirement because i'm using that to pay salaries or fix broken things here. we just can't keep going. >> reporter: seven years ago the dean family offered it to the city to see if it could be purchased and maintained as a golf course or park. when that option wasn't viable, the family reached out to a local developer. a deal was made. last year, with genova homes. >> we went to over 30 community
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meetings for this property over the course of the last several years. and we did a lot of workshops and outreach with all the neighbors, and the plan that has evolved has been the outcome of all that input. >> reporter: now a group of citizens called friends of pine meadow has launched a petition drive aimed at reversing the city council's decision to change the property's 1970s designation as open space to residential. >> the referendum is about putting the city council, the four members of the city council's decision to cheickange the designation to housing, to put that on the ballot for the community to decide rather than the members of the council. >> reporter: they have until friday to collect 3,000 signatures. either way she'll have to close the course by the end of march. in martinez, laura anthony, abc 7 news. and there's this. given up for lost napa's
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missing tree moose made a sudden appearance today. someone dropped off a moose-shaped tree branch this morning on the foot of the mayor's driveway. it went missing. someone replaced it with a paper ma shay version. whoever chopped it off the tree will likely remain a mystery. >> the focus is reuniting the moose with the community. there are people out there who would like to see a resolution to this see somebody get in trouble for it. it's really too bad that it was cut off of the tree. >> the next step is reuniting the tree moose with its previous owner. downtown joe's had offered to mount it on its wall for the community to enjoy. it's not clear ifna will happen. up next, a super model gets super real reaction to an untouched new photo of cindy crawford.
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a look at what it takes to make this true american icon. and me and my friend, we're sharing a ticket. >> and new at 4:30. dateless and danceless. why a high school is facing growing criticism for denying a student entry to the school dance. and we're taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can ask finney
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the internet is abuzz over a picture of cindy crawford like you've never seen her before. the unretouched photo of the super model is from a 2013 story in marie claire mexico. the magazine say it is was leaked. no matter where it came from social media is on fire with support. one woman tweeting, thank you, every woman needs to see video released from the photo shoot. it only showed crawford in the waist up. it went viral after it was shared on twitter. >> found it incredibly empowering to see someone as beautiful and as iconic as cindy crawford in her natural form. >> marie claire responded to the photo on an online blog saying it is real it is honest and it is gorgeous. en the now 48 year old mother of two hasn't comed on the photo but did say at a premiere last
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week that it's important doing comfortable in your skin at any age. and jamie lee curtis praised crawford. curtis wrote bravo cindy crawford. a select group of chicago craftsmen put the finishing touches on the oscar statues. it takes ten full days for workers at rs owens and company to make them. they've made it since 1983. it is one of the last trophy factories in the united states. and they take care that each statue is exactly the same. >> we take so much care to make sure that every oscar is exactly the same. weighs the same, looks the same, has the same amount of gold on it. >> i'm so proud of what i do, and i put all this work into it and then to see the excitement of the people who receive it
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it's a wonderful thrill. >> with oscars week finally here workers are hard at work. roads around the theater are closed as the red carpet area outside the oscars begin to take shape. and this year a hand-picked group of young film makers will be taking part in that event. mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: this year the road to the oscars was paved with a dream. a smile, and a banana. meet team oscar. they are the aspiring young actors and directors hand picked to attend the biggest night in hollywood. >> welcome. this is where most of us starts. >> reporter: it's a dream come true for any budding artist. >> i went ballistic. i called everybody in my phone, everybody. i went crazy. >> reporter: the nominees are on pins and needles to see if they make it up to the oscar stage. these film makers already have a
4:19 pm
guaranteed spot. they will be standing up there side by side with many of their heroes, delivering the famed statues. and they get to hang out with channing tatum. >> i basically drive them around in my car for the next week. but they get to go on tour and meet producers and actors and talk to them about their dream. >> reporter: it's those meetings that have the winners most excited. >> i just want my stories to be told, and i hope to get to meet sol people who do that for me. >> reporter: first the 18 year old had to finish high school. >> i actually went back to a couple of my school, and they're, like, wow, we didn't expect any of this to happen to you this fast. and i'm like, i didn't expect it to happen at all. >> reporter: he's about to throw the door to his dreams wide open. mary bruce los angeles. remember you can watch the oscars live this sunday. our coverage begins at 2:00
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right here on abc 7. abc 7 kateie march sue la will be there. visit fun time. and a lot of people having a fun time out in this weather today. >> spence earnr christian has the forecast for us. >> you have to love this weather, which is changing a little bit right now. we have fog up against the coastline. still mostly sunny skies over the bay and inland, but the fog is having a cooling effect already. here's the 24-hour temperature change. it is 11 degrees cooler at sfo than it was at this time yesterday. virtually all locations except napa fairfield and hayward are cooler than think were this time yesterday afternoon. here's a live looking westward. you can see the fog rolling in. and here's a check of the air
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quality. the particulates matter. and tree pollen is high. here's a live view of the blue sky from our rooftop camera as we take a look at our first forecast. low clouds and fog will expand tonight. it will be slightly cooler tomorrow than today, and it will be mild for the rest of the week with temperatures rising back up into the 70s. here's our fog pattern for today. you can see it filling in along the coast. and as we look at the overnight period, the fog expands inland locally inland and across the bay. so there will probably be areas of reduced visibility tomorrow morning as many are heading out to do their commute. temperatures will remain above average this week despite the cool down tomorrow as high pressure still remains dominant, and you see those storm systems out to sea unable to breakthrough that high pressure. so after fog eye experience tomorrow, we'll sunny up again later on in the week.
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temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, couple locations lows in the 50s. partly sunny inland. but arias of fog near the coast. high temperatures will range from upper 50s on the coast to mid-60s inland and around the bay. here's the seven-day forecast. 70 degrees bay side and inland. up to about 70 on friday. then a little bit of a cool down over the weekend but just by a cull degrees. we'll still have milder weather as we head into oscar sunday. a steady pattern of nice weather for those of us who will be indoors watching the academy awards. dan and alma? a shocking find at an upscale clothing boutique. the must-have accessory designed to keep women safe. and new after 4:30. ♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪
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the stigma around mental health means that many children do not get the help that they so badly need. this needs to cheick. >> in a rare move, the duchess of cambridge is taking part in a video campaign for the first-ever children's mental health week in the u.k. the group helps children cope with a wide rake of issues. kate middleton believes early action can prevent issues in childhood from turning into larger issues later in life. a utah high school will likely be hearing from angry parents today after turning away a girl from saturday's valentine's day dance. josie and her friends were dressed up and ready to go. the three didn't have dates, so they decided to go together. two of them bought a ticket together and were allowed to get in but josie, who was there alone couldn't.
4:26 pm
officials say it was a couples-only affair. all try girls left. >> i've been to this school for three years and never knew about that rule. all my friends are upset my mom's upset. >> the girls say the evening wasn't a total loss. they went on a tour of a local chocolate shop and had a blast. still, the girls and their parents will be demanding a change in policy. an upscale arizona clothing store is making a push for shoppers to mind themselves. they sell tasers that come in six colors including pink. the tasers which start at $300, are must-have accessories for every woman. >> in is a very chic place to shop, so why not look for a chic taser. >> i would much prefer this as a means for protection versus a gun. >> they are not considered firearms, so you don't need a permit to purchase one. a bay area animal shelter calls in a disturbing trend.
4:27 pm
>> coming up next, why the officials say the booming economy is forcing more people to give up their pets. and new details reveal what we're learning about the gunman. and a display of sheer determination. hear from the marathon runner
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the headlines where you live at 4:30. many people spent this president's day holiday outside if they weren't at work or school. it was another unseasonably warm day despite not brakinge breaking any records. a bay area mother has been diagnosed as infection by flesh-eating bacteria. she is likely to have her finger tips and toes amputated. a go fund me account has been set up for medical bills. her family sat down only with david loughy. he tweeted excerpts of his report. his complete report is ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. and pets are rapidly becoming victims of san francisco's housing vie sis. the spca says they've had several family surrender their
4:31 pm
animals because they can't find pet-friendly housing. we are live with more. tiffany? >> reporter: ama visiting the park on a day like today and it's easy to find dozens of dogs, but finding landlords that accept those dogs is a completely different story. you'd think these puppy eyes would win over any landlord but not so in san francisco. >> they say san francisco is like the most dog-friendly, pet-friendly city, but in reality it really isn't. >> reporter: many landlords won't rent to families with cats or dogs. >> it was almost impossible. i had to almost move out of the city. >> reporter: other animals aren't as lucky. patsy cline had a stable and loving home. >> they weren't allowed to have pets in that house, and they couldn't find another place to
4:32 pm
move. >> reporter: they gave her to the spca a sad situation repeatedrepeat repeated over and over. the mission district has the most pet surrenders many of those due to new lease agreements or change in landlords. >> people come in and making a really hard decision whether or not to give up a member of their family or to keep secure housing, and that's not a position that people should be put in. >> reporter: if you're forced to find a new home emily would recommend getting your pet's status in writing at the time you sign your lease. >> if your landlord sells the building and it's not in your lease, the new landlord can make trouble for you. >> reporter: in the meantime, patsy cline is still waiting hoping there is a family to provide her with a permanent home. a state of emergency is in effect in two vest virginia counties right now after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire.
4:33 pm
flames shot hundreds of feet into the air from a csx tanker train. no one was hurt. at least 25 of the train's 109 cars derailed. seven of them caught fire forcing hundreds of people who lived nearby to evacuate. roads were also closed. >> we were sleigh riding, and we got stopped by an officer saying there was an explosion. >> an unknown a oil was spilled into the river. it was being transported. we are learning new details about the alleged gunman as police make more arrests in their investigation. abc news reporter karen traverse has more from washington d.c. >> reporter: as denmark grapples with this weekend's attack --
4:34 pm
officials are revealing more details about the alleged shooter. omar el hussain had a history of violence and gang activity. >> we have no indication at this stage that he was part of a cell. >> reporter: his first apparent target, a swedish cartoonist. a danish film director was killed. others were wounded. next he attacked a synagogue killing a jewish security guard and wounding two police officers. hours later, el hussain was dead. and today, another barbaric video from isis, this one showing the beheadings of some 21 egyptian christians captured in libya. >> the whole world is facing this criminal phenomenon of
4:35 pm
terrorists. >> reporter: overnight, egypt responded with air strikes on isis locations in libya. >> they targeted specifically camps, also training places. >> reporter: a senior u.s. defense official tells abc news, egypt's air strikes against isis were not part of the u.s.-led coalition against the terror group. karen trafrs. the country could be on the verge of another partial government shutdown. john boehner said he's prepared to allow funding for the department of homeland security to lapse. the dispute comes after the house gop passed a spending plan for the department that would gut president obama's immigration plan. the president has vowed to veto the budget if it gets to his desk. nancy pelosi is now calling on the house to pass a homeland security bill. funding for homeland security runs out next friday. taxpayer advocates fear
4:36 pm
going green is costing california too much green. this comes after the state bought more than $500,000 worth of ford fusions for lawmakers to drive while they're in sacramento. some vehicles were replaced that had been driven as few as 12,000 miles. also they bought the vehicles right before senate staffers why laid off due to a budget shortfall. a panel has ordered lance armstrong to pay $10 million in a fraud dispute with the promotions company. the dallas based company sued him after he confessed to doping in 2013. the company underwrote millions of dollars during his career. it first sought to reclaim the bonuses after doping allegations first surfaced in 2005. the lawsuit filed in that case produced much of the doping evidence that eventually got arm strong banned from cycling in 2012. a local teenager is making
4:37 pm
the bay area very proud. up next, a 16- year old skater gets attention. ask finney is just ahead. you can contact me right knew at and on twitter @mfinney. here comes the fog again as we see from our east bay hills camera. no rain in those clouds, but some moisture. i'll have the acuweather forecast coming up. and outside we go. you can see that fog spencer was just talking about as you look live on the golden gate bridge. bu for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas
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t we have a development now concerning claire mont middle school. the school will reopen tomorrow as scheduled despite the fire that gutted the cafeteria this morning. they had to inspect it first to make sure the school is safe. it is so classes are on tomorrow morning. for the entire race, you are witnessing human performance like never before! >> just an incredible act of
4:41 pm
persevere perseverance. that is the woman from kenya. and her body gave out. officials provided a wheelchair for her but she refuse and kept going. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> finish line, i have no idea. >> the promoter was so impressed he doubled her third-place prize money. a teenager won a skating competition. paulina edwards. the 16 year old became the second youngest woman to win the event. the competition is an early test for skaters headed to the world championships next month. she was youngest u.s. competitor at the sochi olympics and finished ninth. a little moisture in the air but no real rain.
4:42 pm
>> i'm sorry to say there's no real rain for a while. here's a live look at doppler 7 hd. we have fog cooling down things a bit. and meanwhile on the other coast, quite a bit of moisture. there's a winter storm moving through the south right now dumping ice and snow in georgia and south carolina. and snow in west virginia and points northward. here's where it's going to be tomorrow. just after the new england coast dealing a glancing blow to places like boston. it will be cold over the great lakes and sunny and milder in the southwestern u.s. and it will be mainly sun eyeny and mild across california tomorrow. here in the bay area tomorrow, look for fog lingering at the coastline. in fact, patches of fog will linger in some inland areas,
4:43 pm
complicating things for chute commuters. but later it will be mid-60s around the bay and inland. coming up a story that proves the power of a facebook post. a restaurant owner says a misunderstanding is having a serious impact on his business. why you may want to have a big lunch before your next trip to the mall. your question, my answers. i'll be back with my responses
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4:46 pm
a texas restaurant owner is fighting back after what he says are unfair claims being made about his staff on social media. ron kellie's family says they have been threatened since a customer went to facebook to launch a complaint. the customer was a regular at kellie's and says she won't be anymore after the way staff treated this homeless man seen in this video. >> you could see the disgust in their face. they have a sign that says no shirt, no shoes no service, but
4:47 pm
it doesn't say no shirt, no shoes, no homeless. >> thousands of people shared her post. but kelly says the woman's charges aren't true. in it kelly speaks to the man who's seated at a table, leaves and comes back with a cup of soup. >> the man comes in here. he's been here numerous times and we've given him food. one woman can start this fire like that? i don't understan that. >> kelly's family has owned the restaurant for 35 years and has never hesitated to give back to the community. finney is here to answer questions. >> and our first question comes from tom b who asked via facebook when will the new sign or fast pack take effect?
4:48 pm
>> it begins in two weeks. if you live alone, make about $67,000 and you get to ride muni for free. you can go online or i'll get everything posted on our website too, put sfmuni. all the next will be on there. >> a twitter user asks is it normal for a company to refuse to send me a second replacement for their faulty product. they want to give me a refund instead. >> you haven't told my the company, but i bet it's an appliance. they try to fix it. and after trying to fix it once they say ah to heck with it and they pay you back. there's no law that says they have to keep giving you an in prow duct as long as they make you whole they're good.
4:49 pm
>> what are the real guidelines for rental car coverage? >> that's a great question. look, if you have a car you're probably covered just fine. all of your deductibles and everything is the same on your car as it is on the rental car almost always. you should always check with your rental car company. let me tell you the two gochtchas. they want money for taking the car out of service, for their time for taking the car out of service. so they have all these add-on fees. and that is different insurance, they sell maybe worth it to you. here's one i think you really have to be concerned with. . if you're traveling on business and you're using your non-commercial, personal insurance, they hey notmay not cover you. >> really? >> yes. so you need to talk to your insurance, are you covering me
4:50 pm
and see where you can find that in writing. that's extremely important. well you have likely heard not to go grocery shopping when you're hungry because you'll buy a bunch of food you don't need. researchers say hunger affects not just grocery shopping. hungry people were more likely to spend more on clothes shoes and electronics. they believe hunger triggers an impulse for people to hunt and gather even for inedibles. make sure you eat a meal before shopping. could you find your perfect mate in the refrigerator? >> i get an idea of their health, their lifestyle, income and sex life. >> we check in with the first ever refrigerator dating expert. learn what your fridge has to
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say about you at 11:00. and right before that special report we head to the hometowns of the final contestants of the bachelor. maybe they should check their fridges. tune in for that, but stay here next the big business of pot. >> we're going to take you to a forum where supporters get their say on why they believe california should legalize recreational marijuana usage. it's great to see these professional tour players come in here. >> but will they also bring big money to city coffers? and are women wondering have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number
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four states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. that was part of the discussion in san francisco. >> reporter: you know it was evident today while attending this conference that the push for legalization has created a number of new companies, and california stands to gain a lot of money. but as you will see much more money, of course, than alaska washington state and colorado. all of them have legalized marijuana, but as you will hear in a homemoment, it's not just about the money. as some states continue pushing to legalize marijuana business models are expanding. visitors attending the business conference in san francisco see a prosperous industry. tv personality rick steves agrees.
4:56 pm
he co-sponsored the law in washington that legalized marijuana in that state. >> it's just a huge black market industry with billions of dollars that's enriching and empowering organized crime that should be turned into a legitimate industry. >> reporter: colorado began selling marijuana in january 2014. during the first eight months, that state collected $45 million in taxes from the sale of medical and recreational marijuana. nerd wallet, a personal finance website pro jebs california would generate $519 million in tax revenue. california is expected to have an initiative on the november 2016 ballot. companies like this one are hoping it passes not just for the money, but the type of safety regulations that would come with it. >> we test cannabis for potency and contam nats, to keep the cannabis safe for consumers.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: citizens against legalizing marijuana side with the federal government in that marijuana is a drug with high potential for abuse and should not be legalized. >> people need to recognize how dangerous marijuana is and we need to overcome this idea that marijuana is just like alcohol, and it's not. it's significantly different. >> reporter: but some lawmakers have changed their position on medical marijuana. congress passed a law prohibiting the justice department from funds for the state cannabis law. >> thank you so much for joining us. for abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama daetz. a bay area family struggles as their mother fights to live a mystery illness and the way it began. and remembering a hero.
4:58 pm
we've laeshed how a san jose security guard saved others before he was killed over a box of cigars. plus, fire at a bay area middle school. was it deliberately set? >> that's a long walk to find a parking place. the holiday and warm weather collide to create a parking nightmare. coming back, i was excited to spend time with my mom. and then we're hit with this so. >> understandably, a daughter fights back tears as she makes unbearable decisions over whether to keep her mother alive. >> thanks for joining us. two young siblings struggling with emotions and desperate decisions after their mother came down with the flesh-eating bacteria.
4:59 pm
they turn to david louie. >> reporter: this story is a very emotional story playing out in the intensive care unit on the first floor of this hospital. it's been 16 days since this disease was first diagnosed. the mother still doesn't know what's happening. this is an infection so aggressive it sometimes requires amputation to stop it from advancing. 46 year old daisy lee has always been the one in her family who helps others. the. >> she's the glue. she's the one who takes care of everyone. and it's true. >> reporter: now she's facing a sudden illness where she has to depend on others. she's fighting a rare disease commonly called flesh-eating bacteria. the bacteria release toxins that destroy the body's tissues. she has had four surgeries and is under heavy sedation, unaware
5:00 pm
of the radical steps taken to keep the bacteria from spreading. her right arm has been amputated and more amputations are likely. >> one minute she went in dealing with flu-like symptoms and she will be waking up later perhaps month later, without her arm, probably with her fingers and toes amputated. >> reporter: daisy lee's husband is in shock over this leaving the decisions to his son and daughter. >> i know what needs to be done in order to save her. i know she would do the same for me, but it's hard being a family member seeing her go through that. we almost lost her a couple times. and it was tough the first week, especially for me and my brother. >> reporter: tiffany's mother is the primary wage earner in the family. it's unclear if she can work again. relatives and friends have been


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